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While Stocks Last!


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It was expensive. Fortunately I did not pay. =x



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Lunar New Year

What I like most about New Year:

2. The Food – When grandma cooks, everything is great. Reunion dinner, leftovers from reunion dinner, first day, leftovers from first day etc. and it’s the leftovers that are usually tastier. I’m not so interested with the new year goodies, there are a few that I like but it’s not like I would crave for them or anything. But the special stuff in grandma’s cooking is always worth looking forward to. 🙂

3. Meeting of relatives – not the small talk, but just seeing everyone together is good enough. Seems like there is a certain level of politics behind each extended family. The best way for me is to be conscious of it but just enjoy the company of everyone while they are still around. If grandpa passes on, who knows if they will still bother to meet up during the year anymore. And blood is always thicker than water.. i hope.

4. The cousins. This could be a subset of 3, but the relationships that we share are much closer than the relatives. This year a number of us are not around due to studies and work, but it’s the best time to be sharing before each of us start getting jobs and growing up and being caught up with everything that goes with it. I’ve been staying with the cousins in the room for too long, and not going out to interact with the older ones like I probably should be doing, but I think that’s what I should be doing, at least till I finish studying.

1. The cleaning on the day before Lunar New Year.

Only 2 hours were spent this year, but it was a hard slog mostly in the kitchen. Removing the thick layers of black stuff (not just dust, but oil, grease, and Idon’tknowandIdon’twanttoknow stuff) was lots of scrubbing and repeated scrubbing. This was harder than any area cleaning that I remember. The difference was the company and the reason. Closest cousins, all crowding the already-hot kitchen, jumping around, trying to clean amidst the mess, all because we want to make the place good for grandma to live in (the house, not the kitchen). I for one NEVER do this at home. I would not go over the same spot 50 times trying to remove a stubborn stain. Somehow it’s just different when it’s family. and after all the toil, the next few days will be more enjoyable.

Happy Bangkoking Nana! 🙂

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