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Flower Power

made a short journey to the german-swiss border at Konstanz today. The highlight of our trip was a €7.50 trip to Mainau Island, which is just off Konstanz. It’s a Blumeninsel! Full of pretty flowers! and a butterfly house and an orchid garden – usually i don’t see things like that but it was really fantastic that we could go up close to the butterflies! i’ve come to accept the fact that when the weather is good EVERYWHERE nice is totally filled up with people. No different today.


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I heard you JW. Made an appointment with G to cut my hair! The original timing planned was 4pm, but the weather was sooooo good today that we decided to go picnicking first. So G and her friend and I took a cruise to Wollishofen (furthest we could go in zone 10). The sky was clear, the view was great, the water was glistening… as a result so many people were out as well, and so were the flies. But it was fantastic just lying down there and feeling sun, something I seldom get.

Anyway eventually the two of them took turns to cut my hair, and I think they are quite good.

More Mug Shots of me. Do I look like a camel now ><


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crazy schedule

i’ve scheduled too many things. i’m up at 7 and sleep at 12, and will be rushing 2 projects this weekend before i run off to Holland. hair is long, pimples coming up, eyes are red. here’s a recent photo.


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While Stocks Last!

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We had our assessment centre for our Human Resource module today. We were supposed to conduct the centre rather than be part of it, and had to observe 4 candidates for a job profile based on the competencies which were required.

In the stress of the activity I forgot to take out my camera, so no photos. 😦 Anyway it was exciting to see an Indian, a Swiss, a Swede and a Chinese take part so actively in discussions, despite it taking some of their precious time and mattering little to them. The exercises were carried out so smoothly that I was taken by surprise; the one which promised more trouble turned out to be the more interesting and valuable for our assessment. The supervisor also gave us really positive comments that make me suddenly feel like working for this module again :p

Sometimes.. the success of an exercise depends on so many factors that it’s impossible to control. But when all the pieces fit the puzzle so perfectly, I know that Someone is actually in control =)

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Relaxing Day

Just the way a nice warm spring day should be. And spent with family, even better. Met with Uncle KH and family for Sprüngli cakes + breakfast, had a leisurely walk down to the Zurich Lake, a 2 hour cruise in wonderful sunshine and breeze, exploring Rapperswil together, gelato for teatime and asian cuisine for dinner.

Sea View of Zurich

Rapperswil Schloss

Me and my really weird orange sunglasses i bought today

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HH asked yesterday if I’d like to go over to her place as she was planning a dinner, and so there were 4 of us having a really creative candlelight dinner at the table in her apartment. Home-made Spaghetti Carbonara, Chawanmushi (courtesy of A) and a rather salty instant pumpkin soup. Together with Bossa Nova, Cheese and White Wine, it was a very relaxing dinner and great conversation among us. As usual I had non-alcoholic Flaunder instead of the wine, and it was amusing that they looked quite similar.

It was a great dinner, especially because I had run to Kloten. I don’t think Oerlikon and Kloten are that far apart on the map, about 5km, but taking into account the number of slopes, and that I hadn’t run for months, and that the air was quite different from that in Singapore, it was a tiring run. I did not perspire much and I felt quite energetic still, but my legs and butt muscles were aching quite badly. Strangely though, it took me the same amount of time to cycle there the last time.

And why am I running at 10°C in dry-fit and 3/4 pants? I don’t have any other clothes. Haha. But yesterday I signed up for the SOLA race run, which is a 14-a-team 117km run around Zurich. The lowest point is 400m above sea level and the highest 850m at Uetliberg. I’m joining the Exchange Student’s Network team, and it’s more for fun rather than for competing. Sounds sadistic doesn’t it. Paying 16CHF to torture myself on the slopes.

I shall focus on 3 subjects for the time being. 2 which I have on-going projects which I find interesting, and 1 which seems the easiest of the remaining 3. When I get the momentum then I’ll start on the others, hopefully that wouldn’t be too late :/

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