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Irritating Travel Agent

The agent kept changing his position. First say that there’s spaces, then just as I commit he suddenly says that there isn’t any more. He does that repeatedly till I have to pay an extra $250. Then he says I have to fly Sg – Zurich on 14 Feb, and Frankfurt – Sg (sorry no vacancies from Zurich) on 2 July. Oh and by this time the taxes have gone up.

I would love to find a better deal and get rid of him. Problem is, there doesn’t seem to be a better deal either. He sure knows his rivals. Oh and yes I have my exams starting tomorrow.


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A Long Shot

I applied to be a volunteer for EURO 2008! ­čśÇ

Tickets for the Euro were sold out in March this year, so either I go on the black market, or I’ll have to watch from public venues. So when I found the opening to apply as a volunteer I decided to give it a long long shot. It’s probably difficult (read: impossible) to become a volunteer for it, already 10,000 have applied for 5000 posts, and I’m not a EU national, and I’m not available for an interview. It would be fun! I probably won’t be too disappointed at not getting it, and I do have backup (travel) plans anyway. But but but.. xD

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Checklist Update

Application to University and Module Mapping

SEP Award

Accommodation Application

Find ETH Contacts

Study for Exams

Medical Checkup

Air Ticket

Winter Clothes

Bank Account

Fix Laptop

New Camera

Anything else? ­čÖé

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Focus focus..

Collected my SEP award letter yesterday. The ever-so-efficient admins sent out the email at 8.57am asking us to collect it from 9-5. I had no school! The consolation was I got the maximum possible amount of subsidy from the award, so I’ll be a bit better off financially for my trip.

The acceptance letter was also sent out through email, so I will be able to apply for accommodation through the ETH website already. Now it’s just waiting for the other Engineering students so we can discuss our unterk├╝nfte plans. Personally I prefer to NOT stay with the NUS ppl to get a better experience, but I’m not sure if I can take the language and change of environment.

oh and in the mean time. 9 days to first paper. ><

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And so it begins..

“Dear Timothy

Yesterday I sent out your acceptance letter electronically to xxx. I guess she will inform you as soon as possible.”

It’s confirmed! I’m going to Euuuuropeeeee! Stimmt das? Since I received that email today, my mind has been swirling with activities I plan to do over there. Even the coming exams aren’t dampening my mood, and that’s not good! Been busy today, with most of my breaks from studying involving me sending out emails to enquire about internship opportunities there. So many things to do, so much to learn before going! *breathe in……… breathe out*


Haha in any case this shall be my blog for the next few months (and longer hopefully). I’m not a blogger by nature so I’ll be posting pictures more than talking (unless there’s lots to rant about). It should be bilingual (even trilingual, if my Chinesisch doesn’t fail me). ­čśÇ


P.S. Special Thanks to Grace L for the address of the blog! Herzliche Gl├╝ckwunsch zum Geburtstag! ­čÖé

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